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ShadeFLA: July 2016

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Five Reasons Why Pratic Retractable Roofs Are This Summer’s Must-Have Shade System

Pratic products combine stylish pergola structures with a retractable roof system so you can enjoy being outside no matter what the weather! ShadeFLA began offering retractable roof pergolas in 2011 and has offered the exclusive Pratic line since 2015.

1)    Retractability = Flexibility
There’s nothing worse than sitting outside in the full sun on a hot day. That’s when the cool shade and UVA/UVB protection offered by a fabric roof is essential! Yet after the sun goes down and temperatures cool, no one wants to be stuck inside under a roof. Pratic offers the perfect compromise: With just a push of a button, Pratic roofs will retract so you can go from enjoying an afternoon in the shade to enjoying a night under the stars.

Retractable roof at the Loews Hotel Miami Beach

2)    Protection from sun and rain
Shade is great when the weather is hot, but what if there’s a downpour? Pratic has you covered – literally! Not only does the fabric roof keep out the sun’s harmful rays, it is also waterproof to keep you dry in those sudden summer storms!

Sun and rain protection at a private residence in Miami Beach

3)    Customizable to suit your every need
Pratic systems are custom designed and built to fit into any outdoor space, including large spaces! You can also customize your look by choosing a frame color, fabric color, and adding a fabric underlay (faux ceiling) for a sophisticated, polished look.

Cantina Laredo customized their look with a yellow fabric underlay

4)    Add on additional products to give you the ultimate shade experience
Combine a Pratic retractable roof with tension sails for a modern look, or add lighting, fans, and screens to create a luxurious refuge from the sun.

The Standard Miami went for a 3-in-1 shade solution with tension
sails, a retractable roof, and cooling fans

5)    Stop losing out on business because of the weather
      If you are a restaurant or hotel owner, you know how much business you lose when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Keep your clients cool and dry and attract new business with a stylish and functional Pratic retractable roof!

Proposed design for a client looking to maximize outside space

Contact us to schedule your shade consultation today! 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

ShadeFLA's Top Six Miami Outdoor Terrace Bars!

As we head into the dog days of summer, we decided to share with you our favorite outdoor terrace restaurants and bars! Beat the heat by sipping an icy cocktail in the shade or visit at sundown for cooler temperatures and phenomenal views. 

#6) Loews Miami Beach: The Loews Hotel Miami Beach is a luxurious hotel that is home to several restaurants, bars, and lounges.  The Rum Line bar has been rated one of Miami's best cocktail bars, while Preston's Market Restaurant & Bar offers a stunning view of the pool and beach and a Pratic retractable roof system to keep diners cool and dry. 

#5) 15th and Vine at the W Hotel: Located 15 floors above the street, this restaurant and bar overlooks the beautiful Miami River. Formerly the famous Viceroy Hotel, the W is iconically located on Brickell Avenue where it meets the river. The views are complemented by the SunSquare Axis-80 Retractable Sail, which provides shade and adds to the classy ambiance of this one-of-a-kind Brickell restaurant.

#4) Sugar at The East Miami: 40 floors with top-notch views, The East Hotel's rooftop bar, Sugar, is the perfect place for socializing with friends. Enjoy a Lychee Blossom cocktail as you watch the sun set. Before sundown, the Enfold retractable roof system keeps the crowds cool while providing a sleek, modern look.

#3) The Edge Restaurant at The Four Seasons Miami: Edge Steak & Bar, located on Miami's luxurious Brickell Avenue, has become a sought-after destination for tourists and locals alike. Featuring  phenomenal food, a 7th-floor terrace, and stunning views of the financial district, it’s perfect for happy hour or as a weekend indulgence. While you sip your drinks, enjoy the cool shade provided by ShadeFLA's retractable roof system, with additional shade and privacy from retractable exterior screens.

#2) 1 Hotel Miami Beach: The beautiful 1 Hotel located in Miami Beach has incredible views and an equally stunning rooftop bar. Right around the corner from the bar, Tuuci umbrellas and Cuscini cabanas keep you cool and frame the lavish pool deck. Enjoy a cocktail accompanied by the tranquil sound of crashing waves and beautiful sunset views!

#1) The Betsy: And our #1 favorite rooftop bar would have to be The Betsy Hotel! This attractive spot nestled within the famous Ocean Drive boasts a beautiful rooftop bar that is great for big events as well as casual evenings out with friends. The bar is covered by two unique SQK-40 Sun Square retractable sails for those hot Florida afternoons. In addition, the hotel offers an unparalleled view of the South Beach surf. 


Monday, July 11, 2016

ShadeFLA at the Animal Services Grand Opening

    We were proud to be selected to design and install a multi-sail tension shade structure at the new Miami-Dade County Animal Services shelter! Miami's notoriously hot summers mean that providing a shaded area for pets, staff and volunteers was crucial for the new shelter. Our 11 tensioned shade sails will provide much-needed relief from the heat and complement the other features of the shelter, which is already setting records. It is the largest air conditioned shelter in the US and is the first rescue and protection center of its scale to open in Miami-Dade County, surpassing the standard requirements of any shelter in the USA. Designed by Tony Rosabal of LIVS Associates Architects, the center is 70,000 square feet, more than double the size of the previous center, and is spread across five acres of land. Rosabal had a unique design concept in mind, saying that “it was designed like a mall.” ShadeFLA partnered with LIVS to find a shading solution that complemented Rosabal's sleek design.

Featured within the shelter is advanced medical technology and new equipment that complements the skilled surgeons and support staff. In addition, it features an open floor plan which increases efficiency and maximizes surgical flow. The expanded surgical suites and a streamlined pre-admission process enhance and support high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter services, which is a huge steps towards the shelter's goal of becoming a no-kill zone. The ShadeFLA tension sails are also an important factor in the animals' health as the shade provided with reduce the chance of dehydration and heat exhaustion in the animals. 

Tension sails are unique because not only do they keep you shaded from the sun, but the fabric also blocks 95% of the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays! This is important for preventing skin and eye damage. Average Miami summer temperatures range from the low to upper 90s in June, July and August. Combining this heat with high levels of humidity can make for an unbearable time for humans and animals alike. Providing shade results in a temperature drop of about 20 degrees, meaning that shade is essential  for the animals to avoid heat exhaustion. Further, the shade will allow animals to play even during the hottest times of day, meaning they have more time to enjoy time outside the kennels. 

We are humbled to have had the opportunity to design and install these sail shades and thrilled with the opening of the new shelter and all the important services that it will provide!


Tension sails combine absolute function with sleek design

 This puppy will love the new shaded play area!

Attendees enjoy the shade in the new play pens