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ShadeFLA: Meet Sun Square - a retractable shade sail

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Meet Sun Square - a retractable shade sail

ShadeFLA presents Sun Square

History of Sun Square

The Sun Square design concept was first 
developed in 1993 by Gerald Wurz who later teamed up with engineer Norbert Kautzky. Since then over 12,000 projects have been designed and installed.
The Betsy Hotel
How Sun Square
made it to the States

While traveling in Bratislava in 2008, ShadeFLA's Vice President Carlos Herrera noticed a unique shade product. One year later ShadeFLA
became the one and only US dealer for SunSquare and installed its first retractable sail at The Betsy Hotel in South Beach.

Sun Square retractable sails mix extraordinary design with functionality. It is the most high-tech structure in the shade industry. Each sail is custom made and can be perfectly adapted to its surroundings.

Sun Square retractable sails
  • come in a triangular, square or rectangular designs
  • can be fastened to walls and ground supports
  • automatically retract with wind speeds over 25 MPH
  • come with remote control and emergency hand
  • have LED lights with color-changing options

The sails are revenue-generating for restaurants, hotels, museums and parks. They add additional flair and style to your outdoor space and most importantly provide shade and protection from sun and light rain for customers and visitors.

Broward Center for the Performing Arts
Regalia Condominium in Sunny Isles Beach, FL
Lululemon in Tulsa, OK
Columbus Networks in Miami, FL
Viceroy Hotel in Miami, FL
Fisher Island Miami, FL
For more information you can contact us by
phone at (305) 759-7423 or by email at info@ShadeFLA.com
Feel free to visit our website at ShadeFLA.com and
follow us to keep up with our latest info!


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