About Us

ShadeFLA located in Miami, Florida provides bold and artistic shade products designed, engineered and installed for outdoor living.  Our outdoor canopies and shade structures promote community gatherings, bring more customers to your business and keep your family and guests cool and safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

ShadeFLA is the only company in the United States offering high-end Sun Square retractable shade sails that retract automatically at wind speeds of 25 mph.
Retractable ShaWe are the exclusive United States Sun Square Systems Partner.  Sun Square Retractable Sails are a unique and innovative European product that flawlessly combine technology and design like no other on the market. Sun Square Systems have been installed in over 5,500 locations in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, the U.S. and the Middle East.

Hotels, retailers, restaurants, and commercial office developers are discovering that with unique shade structures, they can attract new clientele and increase customer comfort.  By minimizing the harmful effects of UV rays on customers and assets, your business will maximize space, gain and retain new customers and in many cases find new ways to increase revenue. ShadeFLA can also provide outdoor canopies that increase your exposure and branding efforts through logo placement.

Whether you are interested in pure function or adding an architectural element to your building, ShadeFLA has a design solution to meet your needs. Choose one of our standard products or request a custom design, and we will walk you through the process from start to finish!

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